About Little Papaya Co.

How We Came To Be:


Little Papaya Co.’s founder Bailey has always been passionate about protecting our environment, saving the animals, and eating a healthy, plant-based diet. But after she became a mama to a baby boy, she was inspired to be even more proactive about spreading these messages and bettering our world for future generations.

Bailey decided to start Little Papaya Co., to promote environmentally conscious, vegan centric messages with eco-friendly apparel for budding activists and their trailblazing mamas.


What We Believe In:

In everything we do, we aim to better our planet for our children by protecting the environment, animals, and our bodies. We believe that plant-based diets are one of the most impactful decisions individuals can make to support these causes, and are committed to inspiring others to make the switch to veganism.
Plant-based lifestyles are a key factor in continuing to support life on Earth for future generations. Components of whole foods vegan diets require less resources, reduce waste and prevent diseases, which put unsustainable burdens on our environment and health care system. 
We also believe in respecting all forms of life on Earth, and promote vegan and animal welfare messaging in order to end animal cruelty. In order to further support this cause, 10% of our profits are donated to Aloha Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit sanctuary for farmed animals. Learn more about their organization at alohasanctuary.org.


Our Eco-Friendly Practices:

All of Little Papaya Co.’s products are made from 100% organic, ethically sourced and sustainable materials.

Our children’s apparel is made from soft organic cotton, and our women’s apparel is a unique blend of organic cotton and hemp. Organic fabrics lessen the impact clothing production has on our environment as they are created with less water, zero pesticides, and are completely biodegradable. They also prevent harmful chemicals used in traditional clothing production from coming into contact with our bodies, and our babies.
We keep our products completely free from detrimental chemicals and dyes, by using water-based, environmentally friendly inks and dyes in our screen printing process.
Our products are also proudly sourced through suppliers of either fair trade or made in America apparel, and produced with sweatshop free labor to promote human rights and fair wages.