Welcome to Little Papaya Co. !

We are happy to announce that Little Papaya Co. is up and running! Little Papaya Co. is a vegan clothes company directed toward conscious living. Our attire focuses on sayings and designs that will help better this world.

Our company was created when our Founder, Bailey, brought a beautiful baby into this world. She and her husband have been learning about the corruption and biased society in today's world and wanted to do something about it. She wants to make the world the best it can be for her children and future generations.

She came up with the idea of making a clothing line that sparks discussion. With shirts that say "go vegan." or "Buy organic", she hopes to create awareness of important issues like health and well being, climate change, animal rights.

Her hope is to create a way to compassionately teach others how veganism can be beneficial to the environment, the animals and society's health as a whole.

We hope you enjoy our designs and we are always open for suggestions! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to get discounts and sneak peaks at new collections!

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