How to have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

The autumn weather has arrived! As we say goodbye to summer, we welcome the start of the holiday seasons. Our comfy flannels and sweaters are ready to come back out. Pumpkin lattes are on our mind and delicious smells of baked goods fill our homes.

You may be craving festive Halloween costumes and decor. However, before you run out and buy everything {you think} you need, I thought I could give you some inspiration on how to have an eco-friendly Halloween this year. Show your kids the magic in Halloween while also being friendly to the environment.

Buy Local Pumpkins

Support your local pumpkin farms! Not only are they most likely cheaper than buying at a store, pumpkin farms are a fun experience for the whole family. Some have hay rides and other fun activities for the kids.

Avoid buying plastic pumpkin decorations for around the house as well. You can buy mini pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to scatter around the house. When the fall season ends, you can compost your pumpkins instead of adding more junk to your holiday storage bins.

Bake Pumpkin Seeds

Have a fun carving night with the kids. Let them draw out their design while you can carve (if they are too young). Scoop out the seeds, rinse them off, then add some oil and spices before you bake. My favorite are simple recipes like oil & salt, cinnamon and sugar or salt and cayenne. This way you can enjoy the tasty pumpkin seeds and avoid wasting food. Light your jack o' lanterns and make some hot drinks to enjoy as well!

Make Your Own Costumes

Be creative and try to create a costume with things you already have at your house. Do you have old clothes hanging around that you can cut and sew into something new? Do you have parents or grandparents that you can borrow "vintage" clothes from? Your kids will have great memories if they can spend time with you and help you brainstorm ideas to make a magical idea come to life.

Buy Second Hand

Check out your local second hand stores. Most of them will have a section for kids Halloween costumes. Most times we buy a  Halloween costume, just to wear it once and then it never gets worn again. Not only does this waste materials and energy, but it also adds to the fast fashion clothing waste problem.

Decorate With Nature

Go for a walk in nature with your kids to find some decorations! Have a competition to see who can find the best leaves to use as a center piece. Buy real pumpkins and squash to spruce up your home. When the time comes, you can put your decorations back where they came from!

Halloween Party with Eco-Friendly/Compostable Decorations

Invite your kids' friends (and your friends) over for an eco-freindly Halloween party! Use compostable cutlery and dishes for easy clean up. Use brown Kraft paper as a table cover that the kids can color.

Vegan Treats

Bake up some vegan treats with your kids. Vegan diets are better for the environment (watch Cowspiracy available on Netflix). Don't let holidays deter you from eating vegan. Here is a list of a couple fun vegan treats for Halloween.

Mummy Pizza English Muffins

Bloody Chocolate Cups

Jack O' Lantern Stuffed Peppers

List of Vegan Gummy Candies

Halloween Books from the Library

Leading up to Halloween, check out some spooky Halloween books from the library. You and your kids can get into the holiday spirit while saving money (most libraries are free or cheap to sign up), and you can avoid the plastic packaging of buying books online.

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